Guesthouse Salvatorians

Schönblick Straße 6
39012 Merano

           8-12 am
           1-7 pm

T +39 0473 498 700

A true garden paradise

An oasis of relax surrounded by lush nature and shaded trees, with cozy hideaways invite you to linger and dream. Our garden with its Mediterranean flair is filled with the scents of rosemary, lavender and sage. Here, you'll experience the sweet sensation of vacation and pure enjoyment. Whether you're engrossed in a book, savoring a refreshing aperitif, or simply indulging in idleness, serene moments amidst a picturesque backdrop await you.

Finding inner peace

Experience relaxation and revitalization

Take your time to relax and recharge your energy amid this green oasis.

A refreshing treat

“Kneipp” pond

Consciously and slowly walk in the “Kneipp” pond to experience the full benefits of “Kneipp” therapy. Take your time for this simple but highly effective method of natural health promotion. After “Kneipping”, you can unwind in our cozy garden, and savoring tranquility and harmony of the surroundings.

Herbal garden

Aroma and healing power

Our lovingly tended herbal garden is both a feast for the eyes and a source of knowledge. Discover the secrets of nature and feel the power that emanates from herbs. The abundance of medicinal properties and natural ingredients found in our green oasis lends a special efficacy and quality to the ointments handcrafted by the Sisters themselves.