sds Society of the Divine Saviour

Schönblick Straße 6
39012 Merano

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Community of the Salvatorian Sisters in South Tyrol

Community Life - a mutual giving and receiving. It was founded in Merano in May 1898 by Father Jordan personally. After the first years in a rented house, the newly built, current house was handed over to the Salvatorian Sisters in 1912. It served mainly as a place of formation for young members and as a place of rest for sick sisters of the Congregation. To order to make a living, the Sisters accommodated some boarding guests.

Meanwhile, the SDS Sisters have entrusted the management to the Teutonic Order, which has a rich tradition in operating boarding schools and guesthouses.

SDS Sisters

The community in Merano includes 16 sisters from different nations. This community is divided into smaller "sub-communities" of four to seven sisters each to allow flexibility in prayer forms, personal development, and a family-like atmosphere. The choice of the outer sign is up to them: either the dress of the Order or plain civil attire. As a symbol of the latter, they do have the medal of the Sisters of the Divine Savior. The community is also open to lay people, who can participate in their mission and spirituality (SDS lay people). The congregation of the Sisters is closely linked to the Salvatorian Society and the lay community. The common foundations of all three branches are reflected in the Charter of the Salvatorian Family. Their way of life is a blend of deep contemplation and active participation in life. The symbol of the cross above the world represents their mission: the revelation of the Savior for all. The vertical lines symbolize their praise and thanksgiving for God's blessings. The horizontal lines point to the future, as they are dedicated to the vision that all people may find the fullness of life and joy in God, their Savior.

This is the way to eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. (John 17:3)

Spirituality, charisma, and mission

SDS Spirituality

Recognizing God as the content of life, growing ever deeper in relationship with him, and unconditionally loving him. Making the healing presence of Jesus and the fullness of life with Him visible in encounters with every person. The experience of God's goodness is expressed in lived charity.

SDS Charisma

Listen to the call of God as the apostles follow Jesus. The aim is to promote the entire well-being of people. In this mission, they recognize their role and use their individual and community skills. 

SDS Mission

The vocation is to encounter others on their search and accompany them on their journey of getting to know God. It is a concern to proclaim the Gospel using all our strength and means at any all time and in any place. It is also important to always stay current and recognize how tasks can be fulfilled in today's world.