Common traditions, shared values

We, the Teutonic Order - Province in Italy, stand by the side of the Salvatorian Sisters with our support. For us, this collaboration is not only a partnership, but also a commitment to uphold and nurture the long-standing tradition of the Sisters and to take new paths of development. In this spirit, we act benevolently and with respect for our shared history and future goals.

The Teutonic Order

Founded in the 12th century, the Teutonic Order is a community of brothers and sisters dedicated to Christian charity, education and support. Brothers and sisters work together to maintain the tradition of assistance in areas such as nursing, education, and social welfare. Our symbol, the cross, and the patronages of Saint Elisabeth of Thüringen and Saint George reflect the spirit of the Order: "Helping, Healing, Defending."

Teutonic Order - Province in Italy

The province comprises over 20 priest-brothers, who primarily work as pastoral workers in parishes. Many of these parishes have been entrusted to the Order for many centuries, while others have been recently handed over to the Order's care. However, the tasks of the priests extend beyond parish ministry. They are also involved in youth work, education and the care of the sick and elderly people. In Bolzano, the site of the oldest Teutonic Order establishment in South Tyrol, they oversee the student residences DEUTSCHHAUS MARIANUM, ST. GEORG and PETER RIGLER.

The motto of the Teutonic Orders’ Guesthouses is: travelers should feel at home here. Taking in people on their journeys, providing them with a safe, comfortable home - even if only temporarily - has been a task that the Teutonic Order has taken upon itself for many centuries. Initially it was primarily pilgrims to whom they wanted to provide four safe walls in uncertain times, but today it is travelers from all over the world who find equally pleasant and affordable accommodations.

Teutonic Order Sisters in Lana

From the diverse history of the Teutonic Order Sisters, who worked in schools, kindergartens, student homes, nursing homes and in the areas of household management and guest care in Rome and Vienna, the special focus today in South Tyrol is on the care and accompaniment of elderly and sick people. Our community of Sisters has become smaller over time. The mission statement of the Order, "Helping and Healing," is continued in the work of ST. JOSEF in the service of the elderly  and sick people, supported by many dedicated and reliable employees. People should be allowed to age with dignity after a fulfilling life. At ST. JOSEF our sisters work together with qualified nurses to help that elderly and sick people feel cared for and are accompanied in medical, social and spiritual aspects. Learn more about ST. JOSEF.

Teutonic Order