A place of silence and prayer

Our private chapel gives faithful people and persons who simply seek a moment of reflection an opportunity to find contemplation in a peaceful atmosphere.

Silence and spirituality

The long tradition of Christian spirituality shows various paths to draw closer to God. Traditional forms of prayer provide guidance and help discover a deeper meaning in life.

Eucharistic Celebration Monday - Saturday: 6 PM
Eucharistic Celebration Sunday: 8 AM
Vespers: Daily at 5:45 PM


Lord Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness, illuminate and ignite my heart, so that my steps may be like the morning light that comes and grows into the fullness of the day. O Savior of all people, grant that I may always burn with great love for you and that I give the same to all the others. Lord Jesus Christ, accept my prayer and all that I possess. Here I am, send me, show me the ways to lead everyone to you. O Savior of the world, O Savior of all people, you are our Savior.

P. Jordan